War Cry (out now)


“Ancestor Calling” refers to the fact that we are all human, we bleed the same blood and we die when our heart stops pumping that blood. This is also why I used a skull of a homo erectus in the artwork. 

There are some chord changes and rhythmical variation on the bass and instrumentation found on this stepper dub. The second part a bubble and bongo lead up to a break followed by a brief violin solo to end the track with a sound that mimics a phone call. I love to combine sounds from Renegade Audio with my bass and other instruments that I find suiting for the tracks atmosphere, always following my creative heart and soul. 

I want to state a clear message that we are all the same no matter what you stand for or believe in. We all have that same ancestor if you back far enough in time that is and remember being a good human being is what is most important, not the knowledge you hold or spread. Time is a healer! 

This philosophy helps to lift my spirit and reliefs a heavy heart. I hope it does the same for the listener so that my joy of my creation can transcend through my bass and music. 

PON DI MIC ft Suga Plum

The track is a fusion between dancehall, dub, and reggae.

The release date is the 23rd of December 2022.

Give thanks to Jah our Creator.


REMIX by BissoMan (release 28 okt)

REMIX by BissoMan (release 28 okt)


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MickyB X Arky starch (live 2022)